Future Plans

The time has come for you to choose what to do with your life. Have you decided what you are going to do? 

Some of us have decided from a very young age what we want to do, made an entire future plan. Which goes something like this:

“I am going to choose the science stream of study and I am going to get 7A’s for my O/l Results and 4A’s for my A/L Results and I am going to join this university as it is ranked highest in the university rankings. I am going to study to be a doctor there and then do an internship and with that I am going to do my masters and specialize” and the plan goes on and on.

But not everyone knows what they want to do. There is a percentage of people who don’t know what they are going to do. What their big, bright and shiny future is. Some people have a lot of interests, a lot of things they are passionate about and want to do in life. And there is another set of people who have yet to find what they are interested in. 

Times have changed to a point where people don’t know what their next step is going to be. I mean times have become uncertain at this point even in the world. Taking the country for example we used to have the liberty of going whenever we want and getting petrol or diesel but now we have to stand in queues for days to get petrol. 

It’s fine that you haven’t chosen what to do with your life. Not only you, there are many people who still don’t know what to do in life. People have career changes in the middle of their life, and it is normal. It’s okay if you haven’t chosen your path yet. It’s alright that you don’t have a set future plan like your friends cause not everyone is the same. People are different and if everyone has the same life humans will become boring species on earth.

Advice I can personally give, explore the options you have. The world has evolved so much more than just the three Asian professions, which is a doctor, engineer or lawyer. There are so many more jobs in the market than ever before. Find your interest, find that one job that interests you, that one job you can do for the rest of your life and never be bored with. To find that you must dig deep and explore what this world has to offer. If you are interested in digital marketing, take a course on it, do a 6-month internship, and see if that’s what you really like. You can also make money whilst pursuing your passion as well. 

Also, most importantly in this journey, keep out the negativity. People will constantly put you down in your progress to find what you want to do. They will laugh, ridicule and put you down for it. But you should always not take it into your head, it’s your life, you are the main character in your story you decide how you life should go. But it’s easier said than done but with determination you can block the negativity in order to find your passion.

Come on guys, go out there and find your future. Find your passion and work hard to make your passion into your success story. Remember it’s never too late to find your passion. So get up and find your life if you haven’t. Don’t worry you find it right away it will take time, be patient it will come to you.  As it’s always said, your future is in your hands. 

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