How has the power shortages affected students’ lives?

Covid 19 is something which affected our daily living directly or indirectly, restricting us to our homes for months. Just as so, it affected the Rotaract club of IIT where many of the projects were cancelled due to the pandemic which affected the club as well however it did not stop us from doing the best we can.

RACIIT took this as yet another opportunity and took the initiative to support the local community and to help stop the spread by organising the project “Epitome of Covid 19” which consisted of several projects such as project safe school, vaccination programs and food drives.

Project safe school was a project initiated to make the schools safe again in order for students to come and learn. Distant schools were sanitised and their desks custom made to prevent the spread of Covid 19 by creating a safe area around the desk by encasing the area with transparent film surrounding the student, that way the risk of spread of this pathogens greatly reduced making the schools safe again as many rural schools do not facilitate equipment for online lessons. The project was a huge success where 4 schools were aided in this way with more coming in the future.

Another deed done by RACIIT during this pandemic was hosting a vaccination program to the elderly and disabled. Long lines were avoided as only elderly and disabled were present and facilities were there to make sure the elderly were not put into any harm or trouble. Ample seating was provided along with refreshments. The event was very successful and a lot of people showed up , thanking RACIIT for their contribution and dedication.

Dry rations were also distributed along the local community to aid them. Donations were accepted from the members of the Rotaract club of IIT and some were bought with the help of sponsors and distributed around rural areas as many lost their jobs thanks to this pandemic and were having a hard time to raise money to get their groceries as well.

These are just a few that have been done this year alone. This project started in the year 2020 when covid was at its peak and we have done a lot in these past two years to ensure the community is safe from covid and well protected.

-Thulana Thidaswin

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