Together We Roam, Together We Rise

Established in 2010 under the Rotary Club of PanColombo, the Rotaract club of IIT is a part of an international organization made with young professionals and students of ages 18 to 30 who are committed to provide services in their communities and abroad.

RACIIT is a club in which professionalism is number one, and when doing projects, we as a club try to cover all avenues that should be in a project and are different from other clubs in terms of standards and reliability. RACIIT has done more than 100 projects annually which includes unique projects such as ‘Hotdog Showdown’, ‘Callix’, ‘Fierce’, ‘S.O.S’,’ ‘Sally’s Manor’ and much more and in term has won more than 15 awards annually.

The exposure that our Rotaractors get in the industry when organizing projects is very advantageous to them. All projects organized by RACIIT are always done for a cause, that is, to help the people in our own communities and around the world. For example, the project ‘Eco Block’ which was done recently, was done to eradicate our environment from plastic and plastic waste. Project ‘WeCan’ which was an initiative by the Rotaract Club of IIT was done to normalize the taboo topic of menstruation in the society. 

Meeting new friends , learning how to interact with different personalities, learning the importance of teamwork , organizing skills ,and communication are things that can be excelled when being a Rotaractor. The fun, the effort, and the enthusiasm, our Rotaractors show when doing projects is huge and in doing so the bond that is created is unbreakable. The energy and affection our Rotaractors show is what enables them in making memories and having fun.

 RACIIT has always been about upholding the good name while maintaining the standards of the club, and about creating lifelong bonds which will never be forgotten because at the end of the day, RACIIT is one family with the thickest of bonds, which makes it a success. Due to this bond we RACIIT have been able to always excel in all fields without a doubt and we hope we can continue doing so for the years to come.

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