MIND FIZZ 4.0 : Online Trivia Competition

MIND FIZZ 4.0, the highly anticipated online trivia competition was organized by the Rotaract club of IIT for the fourth consecutive year; and this year’s event commenced on the 4th of September. There was a wide array of topics that was quizzed on,  which included pop culture, General Knowledge and solving riddles in the concluding rounds. How the competition was carried out is as follows.

In Round 1 all 32 groups, each consisting of five members,  were given specific time slots and were segregated into separate breakout rooms. This round had 4 stages and the contestants had to give out as many guesses as they could before the time ran out, as each question was allocated a time limit of about 10 seconds each. The first stage had the teams guessing the names of movies through a set of emojis, the second stage was to guess the celebrity with a cropped picture of their faces, while the third had a snippet of the intro of TV shows and teams had to guess which shows they were from and the final round changed the pace by  having questions that were based on General knowledge. After the first round, which was also known as the ‘’knockout round’’ was concluded, the top 10 highest scoring teams made their way to the second round. 

This round was named ‘’Fizz Fast’’. Every team was given a choice of 4 topics which were: Automobile, Movies, Music and Science and had to choose 2 categories. Each category had 10 questions which were to be answered within 10 seconds. Teams were given the questions based on the category of their choices. This round ended by qualifying the top 4 teams into the semi-finals.

While the first half of the competition had teams participating separately, this was the first round where teams went head on against each other.  This was a one-on-one round with 2 teams competing simultaneously. They were given 10 riddles each, with a time limit of one minute. The first team that solved the riddle was awarded 10 points. The two teams that qualified for the finals were “We Poseidon” and “Rahul’s Minions”. 

The final round had the same premise as the preceding round, where 10 riddles were given each with one minute to solve it and the first team to answer correctly received the points. Team ‘’We Poseidon’’,  which consisted of Sesandi, Venuri, Nadil and Salman emerged victorious, bringing  the day-long competition to a successful close.

Written By : Rtr. Neamath Masharik

Thumbnail Designed By : Rtr. Hussain Nazeer Latiff

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