Forage 22- Scavenger Hunt

Forage 2022 was a Scavenger hunt event hosted by the Rotaract club IIT (RACIIT).  It was held in two phases. The first phase was successfully concluded on the 22nd of August 2022 and it was an exclusive event for the directors of RACIIT.

Phase II was held on the 18th of September 2022. This phase was open for all the students of IIT to create teams and participate. Over 15 teams took part in the competition. Each team consisted of 5 players and an appointed leader. The hunt kicked off at the Viharamadevi park at 11 am, each team was given a piece of paper with a vague clue, to begin with describing details about the next destination they would have to travel to and search for their next clue. Along the way, each team was given a set of challenges that needed to be completed as well to be able to receive their next clue. It was required that each challenge was recorded by one of the members and the video was posted in a WhatsApp group as proof that the team attempted the challenge.

These challenges included giving strangers high fives, eating a dish from a foreign country, performing 30 push-ups in public, howling like a wolf on the street, singing songs, and meditating on the street were just some of the challenges the teams needed to do. The rules for the scavenger hunt were that all teams had to use public transport methods to travel from place to place and complete all the challenges at a location to move forward. The clues during the event took teams to various colorful locations in Colombo including Independence Square, The central Perk Café, and The Galle face Green. At each location, the players were given a unique set of games that they needed to finish off as fast as possible to get the next clue. These games included a crossword about various historical facts, word games, guessing games, and charades

After almost 6 hours of scavenging. The top 2 teams who made it to the final location of the hunt had to battle it out to be crowned champions. Both teams were given a final set of challenges to complete at the Galle Face green and just like the previous challenges the teams were required to film themselves completing the challenges and then show the proof of completion to the directors of RACIIT who were also present there. After one more set of challenges at the Galle face green, Team “The Simps” came out victorious. The Winners included the leader Imaam and the rest of his team including Nisal, Udula, Niketh, and Hanif. The event came to an end at around 5 pm, with everyone who took part taking a group photo and the winning team receiving their prize. The players of Forage 2022 unanimously agreed that they had a good time participating and await another event just like this.

Written by : Rtr. Hanif Ameen

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