Truth Or Dare 4.0

Having fun and strengthening friendships are one of the main motives behind Rotaract. With the aim of strengthening friendships, The Rotaract Club of Informatics Institute of Technology organized Truth or Dare, for the fourth consecutive year, which contained two challenges before declaring the winner at the end of the day, commenced on the 14th of October at 9.00 am at Bambalapitiya Branch of IIT.

All participants were divided into teams consisting of 5 members and a total of 12 teams had actively participated during the day. The day commenced with the beer pong challenge which contained 5 rounds where 2 teams had to face each other where each team got 1 chance in each round to throw the ball and if the ball had successfully landed inside the cup, the team member gets an opportunity to provide an opposing team member to answer a Truth or Dare question but, in any case, if the member could not score properly, the chance was stolen by the opposing team. If the team chooses Truth in the first round, the team in concern would have to choose Dare during the 2nd round. The points were calculated depending on the number of successful attempts where the ball had landed safely in the cup.

In the second and last challenge the teams had to face during the day, was a game of darts which contained 5 rounds where 2 teams had to face each other. This game, in contrast to the previous beer pong challenge, had only Dares. The board onto where the dart was thrown onto had been divided into several sections, with each section containing a number. Once a team member aims and throws a dart, a dare was given corresponding to the section on which the dart lands. Some of the dares that were included in this game segment were eating raw egg, walking around wearing heels, performing a freestyle rap for a minute and crying like a baby for a minute.

After much deliberation and calculation of points, the winner, Runners – up and Second Runners – up were presented,

The team which was awarded first place were presented with 5 tickets to LA LA Land amusement park which collectively had a worth of Rs. 12,500 consisted of the following team members,

  • Azeem Rashard
  • Aiman Salam
  • Azad Zubair
  • Mishal Ansar

The runners up were awarded with 5 Cool Planet vouchers each worth of Rs. 7500. The second runners up were awarded with 5 movie tickets which were worth Rs.1000 each.

This fun filled day concluded at 4pm with strengthened friendships, new friendships as well as new memories that would last a lifetime.

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